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ACDC CBD Strain Review

Acdc hemp flower

ACDC CBD hemp flower ACDC CBD hemp flower is a non-psychoactive marijuana strain. Here is everything you need to know about ACDC CBD strain, and why we think that you should try it:   What actually is the acdc cbd hemp flower? Because this ACDC CBD strain is a marijuana strain that is good for […]

Acid rock hemp review

Acid rock hemp

Acid rock hemp review: Everything you need to know.   Acid rock hemp. Are you embracing the healing powers of hemp as well as hemp products? If yes, then you might be wondering what variety of options are available to you.   This can make it pretty difficult to know which strain to use and […]

Abacus Hemp Strain Review

Abacus Hemp Strain

Abacus Hemp Strain Review   Abacus Hemp Strain is one of those marijuana strains that looks great whether it is in a bag, jar, or out in the open, or closeup. An Indica dominant CBD heavy strain (Indica is one of the two main sub-types of marijuana along with Sativa. CBD is one of the […]

Wife CBD Strain Review

The Wife CBD Strain

The Wife CBD Strain is a balanced Indica-Sativa Hybrid. It’s named“The Wife” as it is difficult to grow and is pleasing as such you would wish to marry it. Similarly to other strains, you get a pleasant fragrance with the Wife which has accents of skunk. The high CBD strain packs a lot CBD which […]

Sweet CBD Strain Review

Sweet CBD Strain

Sweet CBD Strain Review   Sweet CBD Strain is perfect to can keep you calm and relaxed. If you want to medicate your health problems such as anxiety, depression or health disorders, then CBD may be for you. THC is a psychedelic component in cannabis but CBD is a non-psychedelic component that has been considered […]

Trump CBD Strain Review

Trump CBD Strain

T1 Trump CBD Strain.CBD hemp strains are quite popular these days. Consumers of all areas are taking a new interest in this popular strain. Apart from this, industrial hemp cultivation is not new as well. Hemp has been popular for so many years for its many beneficial reasons and used for many medicinal purposes. The […]

Special Sauce Strain Review

Special Sauce Hemp Flower

  Special Sauce Strain. Why it is this strain a New Favorite among Hemp Enthusiasts.   Special Sauce Strain has been a topic of discussion among hemp lovers worldwide.   The sauce has its roots in Oregon and the hemp strain is a special sauce. The outcome is a mix between ERB and Special Sauce. […]

What can CBD products do for your pets?

CBD oil for pets

What can CBD products do for your pets? You can easily help your dog or cat in handling different health complications such as cancer, arthritis, chronic pain among other health complications. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound which is extracted from the cannabis plant. It has several health benefits for pets. It interacts with the body […]

How much CBD oil should I take and how safe is it.

Is CBD oil safe? how much CBD oil should I take and how safe is it.? CBD or Cannabidiol found in the cannabis and hemp plant. It will not have the addictive or intoxicating effects that are associated with cannabis compounds like THC. Because of its therapeutic properties, CBD is normally used to make a […]

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