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Why should you use key lime pie strain?

key lime pie strain

Why should you use key lime pie strain?

key lime pie strain is a hybrid strain, or you may say a phenotype of Girl Scout cookies. Key lime strain is from California, credited by two breeders burning bush nurseries and purple caper seeds. This cannabis is grown specially by these breeders and available only at some specific sites from where you can purchase.

Key lime pie strain is the weed you can use for making your hot summer delightful such as preparing deserts; you can add it in drinks, in different foods as they are delicious with attractive aroma and tastes like a tart. Key lime pie keeps its creamy look in deserts with a citrus aroma that makes you feel fresh when you taste it or even smell it. You cannot reject it when presented by someone; it will grab your attention most likely.

Reasons why it's better to use Key Lime Pie strain:

Key Lime Pie CBD hemp strain is a mint-like rich aroma that will catch your heed simultaneously. Some extraordinary and magical effects of key lime pie over human emotions and intelligence have been researched, but not too sure. More researches are still in progress to confirm these statements.

  • Key lime pie strain releases stress

Studies have been taken and observed that key lime pie helps you release stress after having a heavy and hectic day when you take it, soothes your nerves, Key lime pie helps pain, making them relax, and promoting a feeling of freshness in your mood. Therefore, researchers suggest using this weed in your meals or your drinks like margarita just like the mint to enhance the aroma and promote calmness.

Key lime pie strains can be used in cakes, sweet dishes, and other deserts by producing their creamy and chocolaty texture after beating or grinding it. Its mint-like aroma creates a soothing effect even when you are grinding it. Its amazing captivating effect gets on your nerves and makes you feel relaxed.

  • It boosts the sleep cycle.

  • As we know, the sleep cycle surely needs to be at least 8 hours, but it seems difficult sometimes.
  • Key lime pie also has effective control over your sleep, as said in some research articles and observed by many common people.
  • When taking key lime pie, you feel a sense of relaxation, calmness, releasing stress, and developing a state of dizziness.

Therefore, you should take key lime pie at night when you are at home, not doing a job or having a picnic with friends and family. It helps you to boost your sleep cycle, promotes peace of mind, and takes you to be at rest mentally.

  • Key lime pie strain may be a good pain killer.

As I have discussed in the above points, it helps you promote calm, peace of mind, relaxation, and an extraordinary dizziness effect. It sounds good and relatable to be a pain killer as it creates calmness over the nerves.


  • When you feel pain in your body, such as in the abdomen, head, or other parts, you may take the key lime pie. It will take you to a state of calmness by decreasing the intense pain sensation.
  • It is not still proven medically, but many people have observed its effects during pain and believe that it is the best natural and herbal medication that people can take.


People use Key Lime Pie strain weed to relax their muscles as it helps to remove the stress from them and leaves a strain over there. It could also treat chronic back and muscle pain.

  • It has an attractive aroma and delicious taste.

This hybrid strain contains an aroma that attracts the maximum attention of the observers. This fascinating aroma smell like mint, rose, or somehow wet soil and makes people seductive who smell it. They will surely demand to have it after smelling its aroma. This aroma creates a positive and strong effect on the nerves.


  • It tastes like cream, chocolate, and somehow a little pinch of the tart by giving its citrus effect.
  • Its taste makes it unique, and people like to include it in their baking items such as cakes.
  • May relieve Insomnia, Inflammation, Arthritis, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Headaches, PTSD, Stress
  • Helps to treat nausea


Key Lime Pie strain is citrus, and tart taste can help you to treat nausea. It contains a cannabidiol chemical that helps in reducing nausea and vomiting. Some medicines and sprays contain key lime pie to control nausea and vomiting. Doctors use it during cancer treatment; chemotherapy to demote nausea and vomiting by spraying it in the mouth of the patients,

  • It boosts creative ideas.

Our brain has two parts of thoughts that are convergence and divergence. The convergence part thinks straight and controls the clear and simple thinking style developed by simple vision or audio. Simultaneously, divergence plays a different role as it promotes critical thinking and does not generate simple answers to the questions. So, you may say the divergence part is related to creativity.

This key lime pie strain plays a role in connecting these both; divergence and convergence thoughts help you think creatively in many aspects.

Final thoughts

Key Lime Pie strain is a hybrid weed that we can use in various ways to promote the taste of baking food, drinks, relax your mind, transform your mood, and reduce pain.

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