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Blue Dream CBD Strain Review

Blue Dream

Blue Dream CBD Strain Review

Blue Dream CBD Flower comes from some of the best American cannabis seed banks: their newest and most technologically advanced creation.

If you are looking for a potent CBD strain that can work for therapeutic reasons, Blue Dreams might be the next strain to try.

Here is everything you need to know about Blue Dream CBD strain:

What is Blue Dream?

Imagine if you were to combine two very widely popular and effective CBD strains and then cross-bred them to perfection.

That is what Blue Dream hopes to be. It is a special plant that is a cross between Blueberry CBD and California Haze or California Orange CBD.

One of the features that make Blue Dream a great product is its euphoric effect that a heavy dose of CBD strain provides, though we would not recommend it because of its dangers to one’s health.

Features of Blue Dream:

Here are some features of Blue Dream CBD strain that sets it apart from the rest of the competition:

  • Strong fruity flavor
  • Blue Dream CBD is from two strong-smelling and tasting CBD strains: Blueberry and Haze.
  • Because of its ancestors, Blue Dream also has a strong fruity flavor that just punches you when you inhale it.
  • People who have tried Blue Dream CBD share that the strain has a strong Earth-like taste that is both rich and raw – albeit a little butter.
  • When used for the smoke, however, the taste quickly changes into a mixture of both blueberry and citruses and pepper.
  • Blue Dreams is a great CBD that provides euphoric sensations even though relatively weaker puffs.
  • Because of its mildly psychoactive effect, Blue Dream is sure to help you find the relaxation of the day that you need.
  • Stimulates a relaxed environment
  • Prices range from: $10.00 – $168.00.

Even though Blue Dreams CBD is a great strain that provides a euphoric relaxed-like state, which comes from its Haze ancestor.

Haze is also known as Sativa and offers some relaxed effects that many people need.

This is one of the reasons Haze is even suggested by doctors in countries where CBD is legal.

Benefits of Blue Dream CBD strain:

Here are some of the Blue Dream CBD benefits you should know about:

Keeps your senses heightened.

The other ancestor, Blueberry, is an Indica strain and is a powerful stimulant.

It can help keep the brain awake and allows the brain to be alert without being too stressed.

When combined, Blue Dream CBD strain not only offers a relaxed environment but also comes with heightened senses – which is perfect for some scenarios.

Boosts your energy

Another effect of its indica ancestor is that you will always have the energy to get through the day with a few puffs. You will not only be able to get through the day but will also be more efficient.

Do note that you never try to puff too much or you might start seeing repercussions. This is because of the product’s potency.

Decreases stress in the brain through its euphoric effects.
Keeps your brain alert and working most of the day.
Is potent enough that a single dosage can last an entire day.
Contains only 10% THC and 10% CBD, and might be a little addicting.

Who is Blue Dream CBD Flower for?

The Blue Dream CBD strain is good for medical reasons, whereas other CBD strains are less potent.

Though people will try to combine this strain with other strains for rejuvenation purposes, it still holds a bar on its own.

Final Thoughts:

Blue Dream CBD, when taken in adequate amounts, is a very good compound that can be good in various scenarios.

Overdosage of any medical drug is a bad idea, and similar is the case with this CBD strain. You should definitely check it out if it has become legal in your state.

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