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Why use GMO cookies strain

gmo cookies strain

Why use GMO cookies strain

GMO cookies strain also known by the names of weed and ganja. The GMO strain is a strain of marijuana. It is grown by mixing together Chemdog and GSC.

People use it for many purposes and reasons, for instance, it relaxes the body while keeping the mental function intact.

Top Reasons you should use GMO cookies strain:

Below are some of the top reasons you should use GMO strain.

GMO strain smells wonderful

It is not like standard marijuana. It packs a special punch. Its smell is way different from simple marijuana. Once you get your pack of GMO-strain marijuana you and open it then you really feel what I mean.

The smell is just incredible. It smells like some old fabric and some good curry sauce. It might not sound enticing, but it becomes enticing as soon as you smell it.

And this is just the beginning, the aroma changes as soon as you grind the GMO strain.

It offers a different smell than the previous one. This time it smells like ginger and coffee beans mixed with fruits.  Doesn’t sound good? It will feel great once you smell it. This is a great feature of the GMO strain.

The flavor is quite enticing

The GMO strain provides a unique flavor to you as you inhale and exhale slowly and just enjoy its flavor. The flavor is really something that should be remembered here.

As you inhale the GMO strain you get this flavor of sweetness but as you exhale, you get this flavor of garlic. Yes it is tangy as well.
This flavor is really something different. It makes this GMO variant a more desirable choice than some normal marijuana. The flavor is unique.

The THC content of the GMO cookies strain is high

The GMO strain provides a high which is greater than other variants compared. It has 25% THC content.


  • This percentage of THC content puts the GMO strain in a great position on the THC scale. You might have heard that at times it can go even above 25 % as well.
  • The THC content can also go as high as 33% and yes, this is insanely high.

This strength of THC can impress even those who smoke marijuana regularly. This is way more than normal marijuana, and it is of excellent quality.

The medical benefits of GMO strain

Yes, indeed there are several benefits of the GMO cookies strain related to medical use. It is a great thing to relieve your stress. Many users reported that after using it they feel happy and stress-free. It really changes the mood and helps to make your day a good one. It makes you feel so relaxed.


  • The relaxation it produces can lead to a good night's sleep which helps in treating someone who is dealing with irregular sleep patterns.
  • It changes your overall mood, so it reduces depression really quickly.
  • Furthermore, it also helps to fight depression and anxiety too


GMO cookie strain has so many medical benefits, for instance, it is used to treat someone who has pain. It just takes you elsewhere so there is no question that you will notice the pain anymore. It is quite a great thing when it comes to its medical uses.

The CBD content of the GMO strain is low

The strain is tested in the lab, and it says that the CBD content in the GMO strain is very low. GMO is so low that it may be close to having a zero content of CBD. The CBD content in GMO strain is zero or non-existent.

If you are looking for CBD content then the GMO strain is not for you as it does not have it. Well, it is a plus point that it does not have CBD content as the GMO strain has its own properties which are not compromised because of other contents.

The GMO strain appearance looks good

Yes, indeed it is. It looks quite unique from traditional marijuana though. It looks quite different. Its buds are long and are pepper-shaped.

The colors of the buds are green and purple. It has orange hairs all on it. The orange hair just compliments the appearance of the GMO cookies strain.

To be really honest the look of the buds is also a factor that attracts people and as you feel good using something you think looks good and attractive regarding looks. The looks and overall appearance of the GMO strain are some of the factors why you should use it.

It takes less time to grow the gmo cookies strain

You can see many seedbanks with the GMO strain now. It is widely available. The strain is rich and thick. And a lot of trichomes.  It takes 9 weeks to grow and then it is harvesting time.

It is popular among the youth

As the GMO strain has so many potential benefits, it is popular in the smoker community and by all vintage smokers.

The reasons for its popularity are many. It has so many health benefits, it is a unique strain compared to traditional marijuana, and it tastes so good.

It makes the youngsters look cool and makes you more popular in your circle as well if you introduce it to your friends. Just imagine how cool you will look after you introduce this to your friends, and they actually like it.

Won’t it increase your value in your group of friends? Yes, it will.


This strain of marijuana the gmo cookies strain has a lot of properties on its side which makes it way more desirable than traditional marijuana.

Its benefits can no doubt be ignored. In light of the above information, it can be summed up why you should use the GMO strain. It is the best.


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