The Wife CBD Strain is a balanced Indica-Sativa Hybrid.

Wife CBD Strain Review

The Wife CBD Strain

Wife CBD Strain

Wife CBD Strain is a balanced Indica-Sativa Hybrid. It's named“The Wife” as it is difficult to grow and is pleasing as such you would wish to marry it.

Similar to other strains, you get a pleasant fragrance with the Wife which has accents of skunk. The high CBD strain packs a lot of CBD which is higher than 18% and this delivers a mellow buzz with an aromatic sweet profile.

Upfront the notes are mostly floral and sweet, with the blend of berry flavors, and tropical fruits for bringing you an aromatic and pleasant experience for captivating senses.
When you’re beginning to acquaint yourself with her taste, she’ll also let off a gentle skunky scent that might overwhelm the drag’s tail end.
At the very beginning, this definitely remains a totally pleasurable experience as you get near the finish point, Wife CBD strain can also turn out as hard-hitting and rugged.
However, all in all, most flavors blend well quietly while creating a contrast stark of taste that can simply engage your senses prior to all the huge effects coming in place.

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The Wife CBD Strain

Wife CBD Strain can contain a huge amount of CBD nearly 20%, and it boasts a highly impressive ratio for CBD to THC of around 20:1.
Users can expect an experience that maximizes the benefits associated with CBD flower without getting any psychoactive effects.
Wife CBD Strain can whip you into shape to give you supreme relaxation. With this strain, you remain quite calm and collected without any complexities brought by various other CBD strains.
With Wife CBD Strain review, we are going to know the reason why The Wife has been highly appreciated for recreational uses.

Origins of the Wife

No one knows where exactly Wife is from, or the way through which it came into existence.
We know that that is among the strongest concentrations of CBD with more than 20% cannabidiol.
The Wife affects on mind and body
The slow effects that you get with a CBD dominant strain reach their peak gradually over a short time period. The very first thing that you’ll be able to notice would be a heightened sense of calmness.
It is relaxation for the entire body which lets you sit back from the daily stress that might come.
The most potent effect of the Wife CBD Strain is relaxation and this takes up around 90% of the impact. Other effects that users get from it are at best subtle, and even go unnoticed in the case of some users.
If you’re sensitive to changes and are able to notice them, you’ll feel elevated energy levels and a mild euphoric sense, and elevated focus.
The Wife might not be among the most motivating strains, but it also does provide a strong sense of relaxation.
In such a sense, the wife seems a fine addition for people who struggle with agitation at inappropriate times.

Product description

Wife CBD Strain High CBD and low THC profile that is mainly intended to produce therapeutic effects on the body. These high CBD hemp strains in addition to dense flowers contain natural ingredients.
Chemical, additive, pesticide-free, lab-tested strain and is below .03% THC and 50 states legal.

Why you must try the Wife?

Wife CBD strain is an evenly balanced rate hybrid. It is 50% Indica / Sativa strain.
Wife CBD Strain is a highly sought-after strain because of the insanely high ratio of 20:1 CBD: THC.
Because of the super powerful levels of CBD and low amounts of THC levels, the wife's physical effects are mild.
All these effects are long-lasting and can keep pain at bay for many hours. Due to the effects and powerful CBD levels,
Wife CBD Strain could be good for treating different conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, headaches, and nausea.
The tantalizing lady packs a sweet punch of cherry that gets accented through earthy bananas. The smell of freshly picked berries and earth with the burning of nugs.
The wife is bright green nugs with trichomes and amber vivid hairs with sticky thick syrupy resin coating.


After going through the Wife CBD Strain review we can say that the strain is among the best ones for relaxing and pain relief. It is among the best for anxiety and nausea and other negative symptoms.
Due to any misunderstanding, the product can get confiscated and consumption should be done at your own risk.


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