The Many Health Benefits of CBD Oil.

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The Many Health Benefits of CBD Oil.


CBD Oil has become a popular option ever since the re-emergence of marijuana as a natural medicine.

What are the health benefits of CBD oil? Take a look at some of the findings below.

Pain and Joint Relief

In 2012, it was found that CBD performed remarkably well in suppressing neuropathic and chronic inflammatory pain in mice.

Researchers also had suggested that CBD could very well be a novel product that provides therapeutic effects for those who were experiencing chronic pain.

CBD oil provides natural pain relief as it inhibits neural transmissions that travel down pain pathways.

Reduced Anxiety

Cannabidiol is one of the best compounds that offer an anxiolytic-like effect, which naturally reduces anxiety.

Moreover, CBD oil has proven to be very effective in treatment against PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder.

Constant intake of CBD makes the user feel better and much less anxious about life's problems.

Pre-treating with CBD oil can improve speech, discomfort, and cognitive impairment just before a performance, an interview or group interaction.

The type of calming effect that cannabidiol produces is conducive for better sleep, calm relaxation and an enhanced mood.

The amount of stress you've experienced throughout the day will be significantly reduced, which makes you feel better and prepared to face the next day.

Staves Off Cancer

Scientific papers show that CBD has pro-apoptotic and antiproliferative abilities, which prohibit the migration, spreading and invasion of cancer cells.

In 2006, a study from Experimental Therapeutics and Journal of Pharmacology remarked how CBD was able to inhibit the growth of cancerous breast cancer cells while being harmless to normal cells.

It was then suggested that regular CBD oil intake could prevent colon cancer, lung cancer, and could be used to treat leukemia as well.


Lowers Risk of Diabetes

In 2006 a study found out that treatment using CBD reduced the likelihood of diabetes in subjects from 86% down to 30%.

One remarkable finding was that the plasma levels regarding pro-inflammatory cytokines were also reduced significantly. A close examination of the subjects that were treated with CBD revealed reduced insulitis as well.

The U.S. Journal of Medicine has reported the benefits of marijuana use in controlling insulin, glucose and insulin resistance among adults.

Marijuana users enjoyed a 16 percent lower insulin level as compared to their non-using counterparts. Moreover, cannabis users had a smaller waistline, a significant factor when it comes to determining the symptoms of early diabetes.

The Many Health Benefits of CBD Oil.

Treats Seizures and Neurological Disorders

CBD connects directly to the body's endocannabinoid system and the brain's many other signaling systems, offering benefits that could help someone who has neurological disorders.

Cannabis is one of the most popular treatments of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, with numerous studies showing its effectivity in reducing painful symptoms.

Sativex is a spray that contains both THC and CBD and helps reduce muscle spasticity in those who suffer from MS.

In other studies, it was found that CBD helped reduce the instances of a seizure occurring in children suffering from Dravet syndrome.

CBD also improved the quality of life of people who were suffering from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's by slowing down the onset of cognitive decline.

A Healthier Lifestyle

CBD oil is an excellent alternative against modern medicine and treatment.

The efficacy of CBD oil in treating pain, inflammation and in enhancing your mood may lead you to think that going natural is one of the options you can take when dealing with stress, illness or a health condition.

From there, you can start eating healthy organic food, cut back on processed foods and begin an exercise program.


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