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Super Glue Strain Facts About CBD You Need to Know

Super Glue Strain

Super Glue Strain

Super Glue Strain. Out of many strains and flowers, the Super Glue Strain is of much prominence.

It is comparatively a new strain but has grown quite a bit in popularity, for the right reasons. To understand why it would be worth looking at some interesting facts about it.

Important Facts about CBD Super Glue Strain:

Some of these facts are sure to amaze you because it is nothing like the name literally sounds like. Read ahead for some
Will Make you Feel like you are stuck to your Couch

This property is one of the manifestations of its name. Once you try the Super Glue strain, you will feel so relaxed that you will lose all the willpower to move.

In other words, you will be “glued” to wherever you were sitting. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot move at all.

It will not diminish your physical ability to move, but you will feel so relaxed that you would not want to move.
You would prefer to be calm and cozy in your resting place.

Calms your Body but Keeps your mind Alert

While we have mentioned that it calms your body, the effects are different for your mind. You will feel great and alert at the same time.

Your cognitive abilities may enhance by a degree or few, and you will be able to communicate with others or understand things with greater clarity

This Strain has Afghani Roots

This strain is not a natural strain by itself. That means it is crossed with many species of hemp flowers. One of the cross-bred hemp strain has been crossed by Afghani Kush roots.

The hemp flower from Afghanistan is also called the untouched landrace.
They say that the aroma is so strong that farmers find it hard to move through the field of this hemp flower without falling to their knees.

The Strain is a Little Sticky on Touch

This is another manifestation of the name “Super Glue” strain. If you touch the hemp flower from the outside, it will feel a little sticky, however not as sticky as a Super Glue.

That is an utter exaggeration! This stickiness can be inherited from the traits of untouched landrace, which is “untouched” probably because it is sticky.

However, it will not be sticky to the point it bothers you. After all, you just have to roll it into a joint and go for it.

Has a variety of AromasSuper Glue Strain

The Super Glue CBD strain has a very strong aroma. So, it is best to smoke it or carry it well away from people. If you keep it covered, that will also help maintain its strong and sensational aroma.

The smells it contains are as follows:

Gives a citrus smell from the outside it will give a strong citrus-like smell that has various other flavors. However, it will not feel itchy to the nose, in fact, the converse is true.

Sandalwood smell on Grinding

If you grind or cut open the hemp flower, from the inside you will get the beautiful fragrance of sandalwood.

Once you smoke it, the sandalwood smell integrates with the external citrus fragrance and gives of an aroma that will take you out of this world.

You should not go in Hard too Fast

If you are smoking the Super Glue strain, you should start off really light, then get in hard slowly and steadily. If you take a big breath right at the start it may give you a sensation that is too much for you.

You will feel too lightheaded and it will take a while for you to get back to your senses.

However, if you are a regular hemp flower smoker this may not be a big deal for you, and you may be pretty much good to go for it.

Requires a little Humidity to Grow good

While the Super Glue strain can grow in a variety of conditions, the most ideal condition for its optimal growth is light humidity.

While it is not understood why humidity gives it a better taste and smell, these conditions have proven to give the best Super Glue strain.

If you live in an area with a lightly humid condition, you can also try growing the Super Glue strain, it may prove to be quite beneficial for you.

Super Glue strain grows fully in just about 8 Weeks

The plant of the Super Glue strain does not take too long to grow. It is quite short in size and grows in about just 8 weeks.

If you have the skill and the will power, this can be a permanent side hustle and a feasible source of income for you.

It may be Ideal for new Smokers

Anyone, regardless of their experience in smoking, can enjoy the Super Glue strain. However, if you are a new smoker it may be one of the best choices for you.

That’s because its effects on you are not too strong, and it gives you a very good sensation for starters.

If the newcomers take other stronger strains from the get-go, they may be too much for them to handle or their bodies may generate tolerance to CBD too soon.

Final Thoughts about Super Glue strain

Super Glue strain is popular among the people, we understand that not everyone may feel the same about it. However, it would be worth giving it a try at least once. You never know how good it is unless you try!

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