Special Sauce Strain Review

Special Sauce Hemp Flower

Special Sauce Strain. Why it is this strain a New Favorite among Hemp Enthusiasts.

Special Sauce Strain has been a topic of discussion among hemp lovers worldwide.
The sauce has its roots in Oregon and the hemp strain is a special sauce. The outcome is a mix between ERB and Special Sauce. The strain can produce one of the smaller buds right now.
However, don’t make any mistake, despite the small stature; the buds pack punch in the department of smell and flavor.
The best terpenes that you should expect in the Special Sauce Strain Flower are Pinene, Pinene, and Myrcene. Also, high in cannabinoid content.
This has a fine amount of CBGA, CBG and CBCA and a lot more. Also, the percentage of CBD is available with an average of around 18.8%.
This plant got a lot of appraisal from different towns in the United States.
With this special sauce strain review, we’re going to look at different factors that adore every hemp lover out there.

Appearance in flower

The Special Sauce Strain Flower has a distinctive appearance and appears quite tangy with a little touch of brown, green and orange hue in the appearance.
The flower has quite a food appearance for a hemp flower. The little flower buds are a lot dense and springy. Overall, talking about looks, this has a very appealing and nice appearance.

Taste and smell

In addition to its unique appearance, the buds of Special Sauce are also known for their lovely and unique smell.
This flower has a hint of berries and a little vanilla essence with the smell of musk.
The buds found in the sauce mostly emit a sweet smell with the presence of a high amount of terpenes.
Overall, the unique combination also provides you with relaxing and soothing sensations with herbal, refreshing and earthy fragrance, but present with a pleasant brightness.
The smell energizes similarly to a lightly roasted coffee.
Coming to the special sauce taste, its description is a floral and sweet taste.
The best thing you get with the smell and taste is that the flower’s taste suits well with the smell that it emits.


Compared to other strain sauces, the buds are quite smaller and appearance-wise these were less noticeable.
But later on, these were enough for leaving a thin resin and crystal coating on the fingertips after you break a little through the hand.

Best usable for

The best thing you get with this organic and raw hemp flower is that you don't simply don’t want to smoke, this may be useful for treating many types of conditions.
This could be helpful for treating suddenly caught flare-ups of symptoms such as nausea or panic attacks.
As this CBD special sauce strain doesn’t have high THC levels so you can make your very own CBD oil at home.
This makes it among the best available options for people who want to incorporate CBD and various other beneficial cannabinoids in the food at much higher doses.
It would be highly cost-efficient compared to tinctures and other different extracts that are premade.

What is this best usable with?

Containing significant amounts of CBD, the Special Sauce Strain is among the high potent product varieties that you get for CBD products.
With such low cost for one milligram, the raw hemp flowers make as an excellent option to people who want to create CBD tinctures or extracts at their home.
Special Sauce Strain

Genetics of Special Sauce Strain 

Special sauce has been a crafty blend of refining two different heavyweights. Among the various heavyweights are genuine Special Sauce Stain and other ones being the ERB.
When combined together, all these create a unique flower that is quite exclusive for its essential properties. Special Sauce buds also get flavors through renowned ERB stain.
Industrial grade hemp has many applications in various other products.
However, these are available for modification for any kind of personal use.
There are many growers of Special Sauce Strain and with their optimum quality, anyone is bound to get the purest form of CBD free from any kind of harmful chemicals or pesticides.


For a number of years, the CBD extracts have been on the steady rise and popular but the interest in smokable-higher quality THC free hemp flower is quite a new thing.
A lot of growers are experimenting with such a thing. These manufacturers keep cultivating and breeding cannabis in the most detailed and concentrated way making it potent and valuable for its value.
The soil gets enriched with different organic nutrient-dense, biologically active fertilizers with zero synthetics and pesticides.

Alternatives/ competition

The competition in CBD extracts is becoming a popular and a new one introduced in the game.
Also, some other growers are experimenting for the same, but not a lot are doing the same.
Manufacturers who are well versed with the processes and cultivation are highly committed to quality.
Cultivation and breeding of the product and the attention to detailing when they are crafting strains. The manufacturers offer great value with their organic high-quality CBD hemp products.


Overall, we can say that the Special Sauce Strain CBD is among the most cultivated and used products found in the market.
These products have a unique and pleasant smell that keeps changing with different flavors and can simply calm down all your senses.
Additionally, to the smell, their taste is also quite tantalizing. A lot of enthusiasts of hemp enjoy the particular strain.
With the availability of the most exciting lineage, the strain has created a mark across the community of hemp lovers.
This is truly a balanced and rich flavor that you can have to enjoy some quality time with your friends or also you can have a little time with these all by yourself.
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Special Sauce Strain

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