Baox Strain review- Here is everything you need to know.

Baox Strain review- Here is everything you need to know.

Boax CBD Strain

Baox Strain review.

Baox Strain is one of the relatively unique and potent CBD strains that have sprouted in recent years.

This beautiful strain is bred in Colorado Springs and has perhaps some of the most rejuvenating properties we have ever reviewed in a CBD strain.

Here is everything you need to know:

The mixture of two very strong parents: Otto II Hemp Flower seed and Hindu Kush Marijuana strain.

The Hindu Kush indica strain originally indicated in the mountain range of Hindu Kush and can survive a considerably harsh climate.

The flower is built for peak resin production and contains about 16.9% CBD while only 0.14% THC.

Features of Baox Strain:Baox Strain

We have compiled some of the best features of Boax CBD strain that you should know about:

Smell and taste
The Boax CBD strain has a strong and refreshing smell that is not only sweet but also juicy – something like sandalwood. It smells like pine and the average cannabis smell with a hint of sweetness that it probably inherited from the Hindu Kush indica strain. It also tastes very earthly while keeping its sweet and sourness intact. The strain is better puffed than eaten directly.


This product can be eaten raw, though it can be detrimental to one’s health and doesn’t offer the same taste. Some of the other ways of consuming include smoking and infusing tea. You can also find patches for Boax CBD.

Here are some of the benefits of Baox Strain that we have compiled for you.

Potent for relaxation

If used in a bowl, the Boax CBD offers strong relaxation: a single bowl can provide enough relaxation that can help get relief from physical and cognitive problems.

Because of its Otto II hemp ancestor, it also provides extremely soothing effects that can make your body cool down without stressing the mind.

Heightens attention span

Another benefit that Boax CBD strain provides is the ability to heighten one’s attention span considerably.

Depending on the type of Baox Strain you buy, a single serving can provide enough attention boosting that can last the entire day, and make the user do more work with fewer distractions.

Other benefits

Some of the other benefits include: Inducing a sense of hunger, which is good for anorexic people.

Increases one’s sleepiness for people who have trouble sleeping. Makes one’s taste buds tickle and helps get through the day.
Who can use it?

The Boax CBD can be used by virtually anyone over the legal age of 18.

Though junkies will like the fruity and punchy taste of Boax CBD, it is more often used for medical purposes.

Final Thoughts:

We found the Baox Strain to be a very potent CBD product that could be very beneficial in making CBD food items. The subtle taste of lemon and citrus might make for good salty cookies that people can enjoy once a day.

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