Berry Exotic CBD Strain Review

Berry Exotic CBD Flower

Berry Exotic CBD Strain Review

Berry Exotic CBD Flower has quickly gained popularity as being an exotic marijuana strain that smells and tastes like berries.

Because of its spicy, tango-like smell and taste, we have decided to write an extensive review on it.

Here is everything you need to know:

An overview of Berry Exotic CBD?

The Berry Exotic CBD hemp flower contains an adequate level of Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Myrcene, and Pinene.

Because it contains only 17.6% CBDA and undetectable levels of THC (less than 0.3%), it is non-addictive and you can thoroughly enjoy as a medicinal plant.

The plant is an Indica strain and is mostly used for calming/soothing one’s nerves.

What makes Berry Exotic CBD a good choice?Berry Exotic CBD Flower

Here are some of the features of Berry Exotic CBD Flower:

High levels of Caryophyllene:

Caryophyllene is a natural bicyclic sesquiterpene that is often used to decrease inflammation in the colon and various other body parts.

Out of all the medicinal strains that we have tested, we found the Berry Exotic CBD strain to have the highest levels of Caryophyllene.

Light Aroma:

The Berry Exotic CBD does not have a very strong marijuana-like smell. It smells fruitier and tango than any other generic marijuana plants.

People who are new to cannabinoids will like this smell, but veterans might not want such a strong smell.

Best for vaping:

The Berry exotic CBD has a citrus-like spicy smell that can only be thoroughly enjoyed if you vape it.

Burning and smoking the plant does not produce the same spicy smell, and only proves to be detrimental to the overall benefits of the plant.

We thoroughly recommend that you vape this product.

Pros of Berry Exotic CBD Flower:

Here are some of the surprising Berry Exotic CBD benefits that we did not see in other plants.

Effects do not last long:

Some people will think that the longer the effects last, the more beneficial a plant is. Effects are a two-way road.

The longer-lasting the positive effects, the more the negative effects will last too.

Medical benefits for your health:

It provides the same mental benefits as the other medicinal marijuana products you might have tried. However, some places where it shines are:

    • Reduces inflammation in the body.
    • Helps deal with various levels of pain in the body.
    • Is non-addictive and good for any duration.
    • Berry sedating for the mind:

The berry exotic CBD is seemingly sedating for the mind and can help tackle various levels of stress in the long run.

Because of its non-addicting nature, it acts as a catalyst and a safety valve for users to take out their stress without being explosive about it.

For whom it is highly recommended?

Beginners who are just trying out medicinal marijuana will love the exotic tangy smell of Berry Exotic CBD strain.

Because of its strong smell and amazing taste, one should thoroughly enjoy this plant through vaping.

Another recommendation is baking juicy foods with an adequate amount of this CBD strain.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that you liked our extensive review of Berry Exotic CBD strain. Though veterans may not find much use for Berry Exotic CBD strain, it is a good entry plant that can help you unlock the world of marijuana.

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